Firefighters exposition in Lithuanian Aviation Museum

Aviation is closely related to fire safety. All Airports have the Fire and Rescue teams.
The first historical information about the Fire and Rescue teams seeking the year 1522, during the period of Duke Sigismund the Old, some groups of people were called "guardians" who every night have to walk around the city and had to prevent theft, burglary, robbery and fire.
Since 1997, when Lithuanian Aviation Museum signed a cooperation agreement with Kaunas Fire and Rescue Department, the Fire and Rescue story began to take a greater interest.
Already during the first few years it was gathered knowledge and exhibits that allowed to prepare the Fire and Rescue exposition, with for many years reliably served fire trucks, manual and motorized fire pumps, universal fire extinguishers, fire clothing, helmets and many rare photos.
In 2001 May 4th, commemorating the saint's Florian's day, the protector of firefighters day, was officially the Fire and Rescue exposition in Lithuanian Aviation Museum  opened. in 2005 exposition was expanded, near the large aircrafts in outdoor exposition appeared and fire fighting vehicle collection.

Visitors attention always attracts the restored antique firefighters wagon, dressed mannequin wiht chimney sweepers clothing and tools. Very popular legend has it that meeting chimney sweeper - is a good sign, but if you will manage rubbing clothing button, your most secret desires can be fulfilled. Visitors attention always attract's of various periods firefighters clothing and especially - firefighters helmet collection. Lithuanian Aviation Museum cooperates with Kaunas County Fire and Rescue department, whose goal is to improve students knowledge of fire protection - Museum organizes students drawings and photo exhibitions fires and their prevention, organizes educational sessions with practical primary fire fighting equipment and how to use them, organizes competitions, fire safety quizzes for students and sports relay races.








Our friends:

Kaunas County Fire and Rescue Board

Volunteer Firefighters Association of Kaunas